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About Dave

About Me


My name is David McMackins.

I'm a free/libre software developer. I program in C, Ruby, Python, Lua, JavaScript, and Java. I also have exposure to C++, Scheme, Emacs Lisp, Vala, Pascal, and Prolog. Most of my important work will be done under the name Delwink, a software development company dedicated to creating quality software which respects your freedom. Check it out over at delwink.com. You may also find my personal code on GitHub.

I'm a political activist supporting individual liberty and independence in all aspects of life. My primary focus is in the area of copyright and so-called intellectual property.

I used to be an associate member of the Free Software Foundation, and I'm still an activist in the free software community. I frequently send e-mails to the people I subscribe and listen to across the Internet both to inform and learn about the ideals and advantages of free software. If you'd like to know how I became interested in free software, click here.

You might know me from my time working and interacting with the Jupiter Broadcasting community. A good deal of my free time was spent in their Mumble lobby, and I still pop in from time to time.


I'm an amateur radio operator interested in portable high frequency operation and emergency communications.

I love vintage hardware of almost any sort. I love playing with and programming old computers and game systems. I listen to music on cassette and vinyl records.

I'm a musician, but not a very active one. I like playing the ocarina and piano. Once upon a time I played trumpet. I also like to make electronic music from time to time.

I love writing and fountain pens. I write letters to friends and family, and I keep a personal journal.

How I do computing

I currently run Debian GNU/Linux as my primary operating system, though I'm in the process of switching to OpenBSD. This server runs OpenBSD 7.1 on a Vultr VPS.

My personal computer runs Debian GNU/Linux Sid (rolling release) using the i3 window manager. I mostly use Emacs for programming.

If you'd like to switch to free software, click here. If you'd like to switch on your own but with a little bit of hand holding, contact me.

Social Media

I don't use Facebook for reasons you can find here. I do have a Twitter account that I barely use: @TheMcMackins.