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Fall 2014 Back to School - Dave's World

It's That Time Again

It's been 7 days since I started back at school, and it's been an experience so far.

I'm retaking Trigonometry since I had some complications with my schedule last semester. I applied to be with the same professor for World Civ, but apparently he accepted a job offer that required him to move to Florida, so I have this Indonesian professor now. His accent is easy enough to understand, but it's not quite the same.

Before I even walked into that class, a girl (whose name shall not be mentioned) sat next to me and just started talking, which really took me out of my usual comfort zone, but whatever. She seems mildly interested in the topic of free software, though I haven't asked her what she thought of my printout of Why switch to free. She has my number, but I've yet again run into the situation where I can give out my number, but I can't make myself be clear about why I'm giving my number.

Anyway, after that, I have World Lit I with an interesting professor. She's a rather old lady with a great appreciation for the old stories we're reading. To her, it's just any other fiction. She loves it like the young girls love Twilight.

On my off days (Tue/Thu), I have a music appreciation course which is amusing to say the least. I'll end up being graded to go to concerts, which sounds cool, but it's kind of nervewracking to be forced into making plans like that. Hopefully, there won't be too much trouble with that.

My school uses Blackboard Learn, whichs irks me not only because it's proprietary garbage, but because the IT crew here can't seem to even keep it online. It was down all weekend, preventing me from turning in one assignment and blocking my access to even see another.

I think this semester will be quite entertaining. I just hope I can get over my shyness sooner. It really sucks.