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What's Up? August 2014 - Dave's World

What's Up? (Aug. 2014)

This will be the first of many future updates about my personal life. I figure it's been a bit long since I had any good news. The past month hasn't been too interesting for me, but it's nice to look back at recent events and assure myself that I haven't just been rotting away for a month.

Let's begin with what I'm thinking about. I decided to write this update after realizing after getting home from work that today marks exactly 6 months since my breakup. Which breakup? My breakup. I've only had one. I'll try to keep the ranting down even though I'm still really torn up about it.

For those of you who do not know, I met a girl in 2010 on the Internet. We met via an online game we happened to both be playing, and we enjoyed the same activities on said game. We played together all the time, but it wasn't until a few months later when my PC at that time died that we got to talking outside the game (my spare laptop couldn't handle it, but there was instant messaging software). Weeks later, we started to become a little more than just friends, and eventually it evolved into a serious relationship. We met in person for the first time on December 27, 2011 (that's one of the few moments in my life I can actually remember the exact date for), and she stayed for two days (an evening, a day, and a morning). At nearly the time we'd been together for 3 years (I cannot remember that date), she abandoned me for 3 days, not giving me a word except "I'm busy" or "Wait," then on the third day (a Saturday I think), she sent me a Word document with a short narrative of a not-so-fictional boy and girl who had a happy relationship blah blah blah and then she wasn't happy anymore and left. She also explained in that document that nearly everything I knew about her personality and values was a complete lie. She had falsified herself in order to temporarily please me. I convinced her that we might have had a chance to still stay together, and after giving up any ounce of dignity I had at the time, she agreed that she was being foolish. That lasted for a while, and we even met again on December 27, 2013 (how symbolic), and I stayed there for a week. The whole time (from the attempted breakup until the actual one), I had been a stressed-out freak, but finally on the 15th of February this year, I found out she was secretly seeing the guy she tried to leave me for the first time, and I left her that evening when she returned home.

I haven't slept right since.

That ended up being longer than I expected, so let's review July. I learned about PGP/GPG encryption (and wrote an article on it). I visited my biological grandfather in Alabama due to his recent cancer diagnosis and stopped by Nashville on the way back to visit my stepmother's immediate family there. While in Nashville, I had a little time to play with my Dogecoin, and I picked up and contributed to a project on GitHub, a couple of Python scripts for getting exchange rates for cryptocurrencies. I showed my friend Drew how to use Dogecoin this week, and that's about it.

On the note of recovering from my breakup, I decided yesterday that it's been long enough and that I should start trying to meet people again. So, I gave my waitress at lunch my Delwink business card in order to give her my phone number.


I guess she either didn't get the hint or isn't interested. This despite chatting me up more than any of the other waitresses, recognizing me from high school, and talking about how she wants to find new friends. :/

Guess I'm looking forward to school starting so I can finally get a life again. I hope to give more updates in the future, since that's what this site was originally created for in the first place.

If you have anything to say, contact me. Otherwise, until then.