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Living the Simple Life (March 29, 2020)

Two posts in one day! Unheard of!

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I'm Switching to OpenBSD (March 29, 2020)

After all this time, I'm finally getting away from Linux.


Walkie Talkies Aren't Just Toys (October 20, 2018)

I did some equipment testing recently to test the viability of cheap FRS radios for neighborhood-scale communication/coordination in a disaster scenario.

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More retro goodness (August 6, 2018)

I've been trying on-and-off since 2016 to get my late 90s laptop running FreeDOS connected to the Internet, and I've finally done it. In this article, I show off my setup and give the steps on how it's done.


My first math paper (October 3, 2017)

I recently encountered a scenario in a class I'm taking where there was a big argument about what should be done with unfair questions on an exam. The discussion appeared to be entirely centered on intuition and emotions, so I decided to settle the matter with mathematics. I think this information could be useful to teachers in a similar predicament.

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An update (April 29, 2017)

I finally wrote something again!


Decoding PowerPaint's custom image format (August 20, 2016)

I've been playing with FreeDOS for a little while now, and I installed a little paint program from the 90s on it. One image just belonged on the Internet, so I decided to convert it to an image format used by today's image-viewing software.


Retro awesomeness (June 8, 2016)

I've been writing a standard C library for the Nintendo Game Boy system over at Delwink, and now I've got a working Pong prototype game. It still needs some more features yet to be added to the library, but it's a playable game! Check it out on GitHub, or clone https://github.com/2mac/gbpong.git.

Fun for hackers (May 28, 2015)

I made a new program in response to a challenge, and it has turned out to be a useful learning tool. See it on GitHub, or clone https://github.com/2mac/ttt.git using Git to check it out. Be sure to first read the README file before getting started.

Learn Python with me! (April 28, 2015)

I've started a series on learning Python!

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New Music: Mini-boss from Zelda: The Wind Waker (February 28, 2015)

New Article: Operating Systems Are Like Cars (December 4, 2014)

I found cars to be a good analogy for describing the high level parts of a computer operating system.

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New Article: Free Distros Aren't For Suckers! (October 6, 2014)

I've recently given the free distros a try, and they are not nearly as unusable as people like to make them out to be.

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First week back in school (August 25, 2014)

It's been 7 days since I started back at school. It's going to be something, for sure.


An update (August 15, 2014)

It's about time I put up something new on this site. This time, I'll get a little more personal.


New Article: Use PGP Encryption (July 6, 2014)

Protect the privacy of yourself and your colleagues with public key encryption!

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New Article: Everyone Should Learn Code (June 6, 2014)

There are a number of reasons why people in today's society need to learn some kind of programming.

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Delwink Software Group (May 17, 2014)

I'm starting a new software development group that creates only free software and accepts cryptocurrencies!

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iDad Experiment Results (May 7, 2014)

Yesterday was defectivebydesign.org's International Day Against DRM. I was going to make a post here or a YouTube video, but a guy from the Jupiter Broadcasting Mumble lobby had a better idea.

If you were not a part of the experiment, click here!


Article: Why I use the GPL (May 5, 2014)

Some people in the Jupiter Broadcasting community have recently been dishing out a lot of hate towards the GPL. I made a new article to defend its controversies. It's an evolving article. I'll make updates to it whenever new arguments need debunking.

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Free Software Foundation (April 29, 2014)

[FSF Associate Member]

As of today, I'm officially an associate member of the FSF.


Free Software Overhaul (April 29, 2014)

A few weeks ago, my classmate wanted something better for her laptop. She was complaining about how slow it was while we were working in the lab together. I idly bragged about "what I could do with a computer," and she asked how much I would charge to fix hers up...


Markdown (April 28, 2014)

The site has recently been converted to Markdown, using a converter and style sheet to make it look so much better than plain old HTML. This is definitely a step up in my web design career (not really a career, but history). Thanks very much to Darcy Brás da Silva (dardevelin) for the markdown idea and assistance with some of the trouble I was having with headers and footers.

If you'd like to do something similar with your site, change the .html extension in any page's URL to .md. You'll see that it looks very nice even in plain text form, which is kind of markdown's purpose.